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Our custom made aluminium Sliding Doors ensure that homeowners have the opportunity to choose a door which suits their taste and enhances their property. Our doors will look good, feel warm and perform to the most stringent standards. Let us help you make the right choice to guarantee a lasting impression.

Choosing Your Sliding Doors?

  • Bi track 2 panel doors available upto 6 metres wide
  • Triple track 3 panel doors available upto 9 metres wide
  • Bi track & Tri track doors allow all panels to slide left, right and central

Flexible and practical, sliding doors help you create an open space for both living and working environments.
Allowing maximum light into a room, they can be manufactured to replace entire walls, bringing the outside in.


Design features:

  • Internally beaded with a softline detail to all doors.
  • Stainless steel wheels ensure smooth and consistent operation.
  • Unique, flush line pop-out handle that allows maximum door opening.
  • Low threshold option for easy access.