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Bifold Doors - Creating an open expanse to your property

Both aluminium and timber bi-fold doors offer their own advantages, but if you can’t decide between the two materials, perhaps composite might be the best choice for you.

Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Aluminium is stronger and light, and does not require a high level of maintenance. It can be powder coated in any colour or a convincing woodgrain effect. Many people prefer to opt for aluminium bi-fold door frames because aluminium doesn’t suffer from the aging process and isn’t easily worn by the weather.

The aluminium bi-fold doors from Innovate Design Systems are designed to be long life and to maintain their appearance over time.

Timber Bi-fold Doors

Hardwood timber frames tend to be the most durable but do require simple ongoing maintenance in order to last over time.
Innovate Design Systems supply hardwood timber frames that are treated and manufactured using high quality materials to ensure long life and resistance against weathering, as well as resistance against UV light and high levels of traffic and pollution.

Composite Bi-fold Doors

Composite bi-fold doors offer the perfect alternative when you cannot choose between timber and aluminium.

What are Composites?

Composites are, ultimately, layers of material that are bonded together with a chemical compound.

Why consider Composite Bi-fold Doors?

Generally, composite materials have been designed to have an improved performance in comparison to the individual materials. What’s more, there are a number of advantages to composites.

Composite materials offer an improved performance at a lower cost, and are generally durable, strong, lightweight and flexible. Also, composite materials have lower maintenance requirements.

At Innovate Design Systems, we offer a wide array of features and options, combining hardwoods, such as timber, with other elements such as aluminium and composites to give you the best of both worlds

Below is an example of some stunning Aluminium Bifold Doors fitted by us in the Surrey area that help to create a superb open expanse on the rear of this property.

See more on our Bifold Doors page here



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Slimline grey Aluminium Windows & Bifold Doors

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